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We support you in your search process. Our team works with large Fortune 100, 500, 1000 and numerous companies, giving you exposure to the best companies and the most current technologies.



A prompt response from TRG when you reach out for something is important. When an employee of TRG reaches out to us, we will respond to you in a prompt and professional manner to address any needs or concerns you might have.


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TRG’s understanding of our clients’ local labor markets, businesses, IT initiatives, and company cultures gives us an expertise which enables us to identify the best candidates for each project.

We Don't Just Find Jobs, We Find Opportunities.

We match companies to the right candidates, and candidates to the right companies.


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Specializing in the permanent and contract placement of IS and software engineering professionals primarily in the South Florida marketplace.



We understand and appreciate the efforts you put in with our clients and asking you to attend meetings with us on top of that is something we don’t do.



Our account managers and recruiters know not only where the best IT talent can be found, but also how to attract and retain them.


Open Positions

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We’re the insiders. We’re IS people like yourself. We’ve been in the trenches and carry the battle scars of software development and implementation projects. We understand the unique characteristics of this industry. We know what’s important to IS professionals. We know what corporations want. We know what it takes to place qualified IS candidates (contract or perm) into organizations.



Mark Killip

Principal Recruiter

Chris Comerford

Principal Recruiter

Our Opportunities are Your Opportunities.

We provide opportunities to qualified candidates by serving our customers - the corporations requiring IS expertise. We match companies to the right candidates, and candidates to the right companies. Our capability screening process carefully matches only qualified personnel to appropriate positions. Ethically, professionally, and successfully.

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